Price : $0.001625 (+5%)

Holders : 200

Transfers : 1000

Circulation : 2.100.000

Max : 100.000.000

Burn : 500.000




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Each year for nine years, 10 million $LSDY tokens will be released from the overall reserve of 90 million tokens. This periodic release ensures a controlled and progressive growth of the token supply while safeguarding the project's integrity and long-term value. The management of this token release will undergo a democratic community voting process, where each token holder will have an equal voice in determining the allocation of these new tokens. This community governance process ensures that decisions regarding the allocation of released tokens will be transparent, fair, and aligned with the interests of the community as a whole.

Transparency πŸ“‹

(LAST UPDATE : 03-27-2024 00:00:00 AM +UTC)


Date Txns Justification Amount
Apr-01-2024 0xb8c0c4cd0ed32e8e0ef466cd989b848344cda32257bb295a37213a7cbaa56966 Marketing 1,084 $LSDY
Apr-01-2024 0x12125363866d4bb61a6d7d7517afd39cbd1bb19ccdee43aceaf65f795b50c603 Marketing 13,862 $LSDY
Apr-07-2024 0xc81270bb08dbc94a6b058a2c8e4046605fea9ffeac932f317896ace713bf1ac5 Marketing 10,975 $LSDY
Apr-08-2024 0x83db7e0f8c9df073c7305566381b831ced28bc25a537d7efa7bf3304e56edfb1 Marketing 12,079 $LSDY
Apr-08-2024 0xb7d8f24c4ccd264ead97665321030b0deb2a893349d495a40f64965f3e8a3fe6 Marketing 13,359 $LSDY
Apr-09-2024 0x06a397c190c78ac6158694f77c107d871a644057c60d9e713141b171da27eaa6 Marketing 14,854 $LSDY



*Wallet known to the Lsodya team and in regular contact with the person in question 

Whales Wallets Supply Price impact Verified*
0xeDeA0E1093369c4C9Eb1F89b4c5961C531cEC064 0.1082% Very high βœ… YES
0xA5065c12027C1F2C4740D5999AD50E8FC3BBF6FC 0.0440% High βœ… YES
0xC47441361d016b67d33456dfd8175df4112D6134 0.0160% Moderate βœ… YES
0x5AD5e03eD3bEb2375447b59026973A892457A878 0.0100% Moderate βœ… YES
0x50e3970Bb307424F959135761A6fA2fb5AcFbBfA 0.0015% No impact ❌ NO

Non-liability clause 

β›” Extreme Volatility: The LSDY token is characterized by extreme volatility. Price fluctuations can be sudden and pronounced, leading to substantial losses in a very short period. 


β›”Speculative Nature: Investments in cryptocurrencies are inherently speculative. Token prices can be influenced by a multitude of factors, including market demand, regulatory developments, economic news, and investor sentiment.


β›” Risk of Total Loss: It is crucial to understand that any investment in the LSDY token, as well as in other cryptocurrencies, carries a risk of total loss of your capital. It is possible to lose the entire investment made. 


β›” Non-liability: The Lsodya team cannot be held responsible for any potential losses incurred by investors when buying or selling the LSDY token. All investments made are the sole responsibility of the investor, and no guarantee of profits or recovery of invested funds is provided. 


β›” Responsible Investment: We strongly recommend investing only funds you can afford to lose. It is not advisable to commit funds essential to your basic needs or financial obligations. 


In conclusion, the LSDY token presents significant risks and may not be suitable for all investors. We urge you to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and only invest amounts you are prepared to lose. Investing in cryptocurrencies requires a thoughtful and responsible approach.